Facts & Trivia

Birth Name: Dianna Elise Agron
Nicknames: Di, Lady Di, Charlie and Lamb
Birth Place: Savannah, Georgia, USA
Date of Birth: April 30, 1986
Horoscope: Taurus
Height: ‎5′ 5” (1.66m)
Mother: Mary Agron
Father: Ronald S. Agron
Siblings: 1; Jason Agron (younger)
Spouse: Winston Marshall (m. 2016)

Occupation: Actress, singer, dancer
Years active: 2006–present
Official: Twitter Instagram 

The first thing I do when I wake up is: I usually read a little or go on Pinterest for some morning inspiration.
I can’t live without: My music
If I had one week to escape: I usually jet to New York City.
If I only had $10 in my pocket: I’d keep it there and go walk on the beach or go to MOCA free Thursdays downtown…
Everything tastes better with: A Little truffle salt.

    • Dianna’s father is from a Jewish family (from Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Latvia, and Estonia). Their original surname, “Agronsky”, was altered when they immigrated. Dianna’s mother has English, German, and Irish ancestry, and converted to Judaism when marrying Dianna’s father.

    • Was roommates with Glee (2009) co-star, Lea Michele (2009).

    • Enjoys cooking and being outdoors.

    • Began dancing at age 3, first focusing on jazz and ballet, then later taking up hip-hop. When she was a teenager she used to teach it to younger kids.

    • She is a vegetarian and a supporter of PETA.

    • Named one of People Magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful People of 2010.

    • After the Glee tour 2011, she took a trip to Paris with co-star Naya Rivera.

    • Was cast on Glee (2009) just two days before the pilot began shooting.

    • Has some picky eating habits, including a strong dislike for foods touching each other on the plate.

    • Fifth cousin, once removed, of singer Jack Gilinsky. Her paternal four times great-grandparents, Shmuel Labe Agronsky and Fruma Chana Bakhrakh, were also Jack’s paternal five times great-grandparents.

    • She sent in an audition for the role of Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man (2012). The role eventually went to Emma Stone.

    • She owned a dog named Arthur, who passed away in December 2012 from lung cancer.

    • She sang “Fly Me to the Moon” when auditioning for Glee.

    • Dianna came second place in “Spelling Bee for Cheaters,” a nonprofit event for charity held by 826LA.

    • Her first concert was The Who (she attended with her father).

    • Has an obsession with strange pets and plans to own an octopus. She considers elephants to be her favorite non-domesticated animal.

    • She visited two psychics and both readings revealed a person called “Charlie,” which was attributed to being her name in a past life. She has since adopted it as a nickname.

    • Dianna is allergic to cats.

    • During an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman, Dianna confessed about the first time her nose got broken after getting caught in the middle of an argument at a high school party. Though she never told her mother about the painful incident, when she broke it again between filming a concert tour the actress had to undergo nose surgery for a deviated septum

    • In her free time, Dianna has been known to pen screenplays.

    • Dianna’s father was a manager of a Hyatt in San Francisco, and so Dianna often spent time at a number of hotels with her parents.

  • Her lucky numbers are “3” and “13”.