Dianna Agron, but you can call me Charlie

As a new phase of her life began, Dianna Agron created felldowntherabbithole – a tumblr in which she’d share not only behind-the-scenes photos of her Glee co-stars but also photos of her many adventures, inspirational quotes, songs she was currently listening to, posts related to her website You, Me & Charlie, etc. In a way, the tumblr blog was what gave Dianna the idea for You, Me & Charlie (find more about the website here). Created in 2009, it was the place Dianna Agron fans would go visit to learn more about Dianna, her thoughts and taste. It was deleted in April 2013, shortly after Dianna made a farewell post.

Curious about what Dianna posted about in felldowntherabbithole? Thanks to a Dianna fan, you can find the content in the tumblr diannasarchive! Happy wonderland trip, lambs!


Posted in 2010:

Alice… down the rabbit hole, to the land down under

I feel as if I’m channeling one of my favorite fictional characters. Since wrapping Glee, I have been on a fantastic journey, traveling all over the US promoting the show, and now Australia. We touched down yesterday and have been granted wonderfully gloomy weather, complete with a light, misty rain. Such a welcome change from the never ending sunshine of Los Angeles! Us Glee kids were bundled up, ready to go. Alas, today, day two, I have been up since 4:00 am here and my body is telling me, it’s 1:05 pm your time! It’s not Friday, it’s Thursday! Since the sun is not up, and not even the hotel gym is open, I am fumbling around this website, starting something I have meant to create many times before. So here we are. I plan to share bits and pieces of my travels, and maybe friends, family, etc. can visit this site and get clued in a little. It’s hard to keep in touch with everyone, I am always trying to find ways to improve. For now, let’s see how this goes….

Posted in 2013 (farewell post):

This will be the last post here….

Dear Tumblr. I think it’s time to lay you to rest. A lovely friend you’ve been. Thank you friends for following the journey. But as an old chapter closes, a new chapter begins. X Di