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Op’s “Rock Your Shine!” and “Back To College”

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Back in 2010 Diana was the face for Op’s “Rock Your Shine!” and “Back To College” campaign’s alongside Glee co-star Cory Monteith, 90210‘s Trevor Donovan, Gossip Girl‘s Jessica Szohr, and singer Cassie. The first campaign was released in March while the second one in June!

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Nintendo 3DS “Play As You Are”

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In 2012 Nintendo announced that they would be releasing an interactive academy game, with the purpose of teaching real-life art techniques using a stylus and touch-screen based tools. An artist herself, Dianna was chosen to be the face of the “Play As You Are” campaign.

Dianna on what motivated her to join “Play As You Are” campaign:

“It ties into my artistic side. Through the game ‘Art Academy,’ you can receive art lessons. I want to encourage artists at any age to get inspired, and with a game like this, you can literally be anywhere and learn the same things that you would learn in an art class. It’s a great tool. I grew up playing Nintendo with my brother, and it’s a game that feels similar to the games we used to play—except our systems were black and white! This one’s in 3-D—technology is crazy!”

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La Ligne

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Dianna made a return to modeling in 2017 when she was announced to be the face of the La Ligne’s “The Glass House” collection. The campaign was officially released in October 2017.

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